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Undergraduate Advising Resources

Updated: 11 March 2022

Important Resources:

How do I ________ ?

Advising Meetings for Spring 2022 Planning

Important Dates:


1) Schedule a meeting
Dr. Pease will send you a calendar meeting invite time. If you are available during that time, click "Yes" to confirm. If not, click "No." If you decline, I will send you a new meeting invitation time. If we miss twice, I will email you.

Your calendar invite will include a Zoom Link). In-person meetings are available, upon request. Unless we arrange an in-person meeting, we will use the Zoom link to video conference.

2) Prepare and submit your plan

At least 24 hours before your meeting, please annotate your "BioAdvisee" Google Sheet you to let me know what your plans are for next semester. You cannot directly edit the document, but you can leave comments.

3) Meeting In-Person/Zoom and PIN

We will meet over Zoom or in-person. By WF College rules, I can only give your registration PIN to you after we have met for our advising meeting (in person or virtually).

4) The Biology Major Pre-Registration

Biology Majors can select up to eight credits in pre-registration. You will need to select a first and second choice at least. A random lottery will determine the order of registration (rising Seniors go first, then rising Juniors). This year the registration will be done online entirely, and you will communicate your choices via email. Your patience is appreciated under the circumstances, and I ask that you not inundate the Biology Office with emails. Please use me as a point of contact and I will make inquiries on your behalf. Know that we genuinely want you to get into the courses of your choice.

The Pre-Registration Process:

5) Finalization of courses

As pre-registration and regular registration proceed, issues may come up. Feel free to email Dr. Pease with any questions. All at least 24 hours for a response. I will do as best I can. Remember to balance your General Requirements (Divisionals, etc.), Biology Major Requirements, and the Co-Requisites.


1) What are some good biology classes to take?
Generally, I recommend taking classes where the subject genuinely interests you. A lot of students think they are "supposed" to take certain courses (e.g., medical-oriented courses, if you're pre-med). But the most enjoyable and effective way to proceed is to take courses that you will do well in because you like the subject. Fifteen weeks is a long time to study something you don't like. You will put it at the bottom of the pile, and the work will suffer.

2) Can I study abroad as a Biology Major?

Yes, though if you want to double-major or do a complex minor (HPA, etc) this might not be possible or require careful planning. Several study abroad programs even teach biology courses.

3) Does my Biology pre-registration count toward the total number of credits allowed in my first-round registration?
Yes. Biology pre-registration effectively counts as your first-round registration, but it's well worth it. You'd be picking Biology classes anyway in the first round. If you end up pre-registering for fewer credits, you can still register classes in the first round. It does not affect the second round, as far as I know.

4) Can I take classes in the summer at other institutions?
For co-requisites like Physics, Chemistry, and Math, this is often possible. But you MUST GET PREAPPROVAL FROM THE DEPARTMENT THAT TEACHES THAT COURSE. You will need to contact the chair of the department where the credits will go before you register to make sure the course will be accepted as transfer credit. Generally they will ask to see a syllabus, so you may need to obtain this first. Generally, you cannot take Biology courses for your major outside of WFU or an approved WFU abroad program. However, there are special circumstances, so please ask if you have questions.

5) If I want to retake a course that I have taken at WFU (and got a C or worse) can I retake the course to replace the grade on my transcript?
If you want to replace the grade for purposes of GPA, you must retake the same course at WFU. You cannot replace a grade with external courses for your WFU GPA. Also remember that both grades will appear on your transcript.

Other questions will be posted here as they are asked.